As you've started wedding gown shopping or already said "yes" to THE perfect one, you probably didn't think about a veil being a great prop for us as photographers. It can actually be ones of the most detailed pieces found throughout the day and of course, a traditional element that really helps to say "I'm the bride." We personally love incorporating veils into our clients' photos, whether it's during quiet moments while getting ready, formal bridal portraits or as key piece in the first look.

Take a look at some of the ways your photographer may choose to use your veil in the photographs:

Idea One | Your Veil Leading Into the Camera (our personal favorite)

We love incorporating the veil into the shots as we capture these beautiful intimate moments between you and your husband-to-be/husband (depending if you are doing a first look or not). As you can see from these examples the end result is breathtaking!

Idea Two | Your Veil Over Your Face

As we're sure you've noticed that brides are going crazy for this shot – and for good reason. This look creates a soft, airy feel that really highlights your natural beauty.

Idea Three | Showing off Your Veil

Whether it's tossing your veil or simply including it in the entire frame – these images can be absolutely stunning and a MUST have for your wedding day. Add the perfect lighting and the detail on your veil will really pop!

Idea Four | Your Veil Over Both of You

This pose is becoming more and more common amongst wedding photographers and has turned into some gorgeous moments! We can't get enough of these sweet moments between brides and grooms.

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